SpaceHoppers Launch SATIOa On Colombia

  • 7:00 The alarm of my c905 wakes me, faire -tail tone is my favorite. It’s boring to wake up so early on a Sunday, but I live in the suburbs of Bogota. The event is scheduled for 9 – 13 hours
  • 9:00 the sony ericsson  Colombia page on Facebook say the event started and I’m late, my friends have not arrived
  • 9:30 We’re ready to go. We go at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour (as permitted is 60k/h)
  • 10:20 We’ve arrived. the problem is the car. we leave it in a mall and we ran to the scene of contest. I see  lots of balloons and people with Sony Ericsson shirts and Hoppers, then I see a platform with a group of singers. We eat ice cream and then starts a run.
  • 11:30 This is our moment. do a line for 5-10 minutes, there are 5 people with laptops Waio, checked, my number is 334 hopper then have to sign a contract where Sony Ericsson will not responsible for any accidents, injuries, stroke, loss of objects , etc., and give us a shirt from Sony Ericsson. choose a preferred color Hopper , I choose an orange that goes with my orange shirt. we went and we locked, we can not go back, leading many participants, 5 minutes are completely surrounded, we’re right in the middle of the contestants.
  • 12:00  is impossible  win from my position, I’ve move over 100 people. then give the green flag. it all begins. and we in the middle, I have a slowly-fat lady at the front . she falls and drags another woman and another that is an above mine, she treads my foot, starts to hurt but I keep going no matter, I leave behind a group, have at most 10-20 people in front, foot still hurts me a lot. It is easy to dodge, so I decided , foot hurts a lot and I’ve injured foot I take the hopper in my hands and I hope my friends coming back, and just a few meters are missing and I’m limping.
  • 12:20 At the end of the goal, we should return our Hoppers , We left very happy and with the heart beating a mile a second, but they offer us a water bottle (brand  of sony ericsson)
  • 12:30 Another Hoppers Racer, I’cant ……Announce the winners, first prize is a SatioA, second is a c510A and third place c510A. A boy who participated in 2000 races  hoppers  races(not a heart attack suffered by a miracle), he “deserved” much SatioA
  • 13:00 start singing two musical band. I go looking for a gold tie. pay 5 dollars for parking, and we went home for lunch.
  • 14:00 I’m at home with a swollen foot, very painful, but I’m very happy. I keep my shirt from Sony Ericsson. I’ll rest, I’m dead from exhaustion

The event was great. As there is always  for improvement
1. There wasn’t a point of display of SatioA, image, photograph, etc.. WHERE ARE SATIOa?
2. The only ones who had a phone SatioA…. employees of Sony Ericsson, I COUNT 3
3. The space was very limited, and many people were falling and their feet hurt.
4. The time was limited. Colombia has a  event called “Ciclovia” Cicle-way . that is held every Sundays and holidays at 7-13, people go jogging, cycling or walking pets 🙂 . for it, closing the main avenues. The event was made near the offices of Sony Ericsson, there was much movement of people. at 12:30 was two bands per show, but was due to announce the winner early. I can’t say that bands a success, very few people was watching. I had invested more in hoppers or phone to give. We “all” want a Hoppers 🙂
5. Lack of information. never said (on facebook) it was a Hoppers race. I saw people coming over 30, dressed for another type of event. even I was dressed for another type of event. I saw a lady jumped  a hopper with high heels

Was just fun and a lot of sport. The water after the race is a nice touch from Sony Ericsson. Surely, you should go to participate in the  hoppers racer in your city.
you can see more pictures and video on the official page of sony ericsson Colombia on facebook!/album.php?aid=157549&id=185510405755!/album.php?aid=157620&id=185510405755

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    • Thank you very much for visiting my blog,
      is my first blog and I did it ‘coz really like XPeria X10. My foot is fine. Most importantly I had fun. Now, will be other Hoppers race in the Andean region , but operators(Telefonica Movistar, TIGO and Comcel) still don’t sell Satio, I don’t know anything about the price. I hope see it very soon.

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