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Sony Ericsson has created a page where we can find the best applications for our XPERIA, the address is:    

we can find a list with a brief summary of the best (uses) Android App, recent lists and popular lists.    

It’s a simple and very useful site that allows us to discover the wide variety of Android App.    

I’ve created my list at the following address:    

The first application that we need is (curiously) an App to install and/or delete applications to close applications and processes according to saves battery and memory, then U  choose the one you like more:    

  • Kill APP
  • Kill Tash
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • Widget Manager Advanced
  • Brain APP
  • Astrid
  • Battery Widget
  • Useful Switchers
  • Helix Launcher
  • JuiceDefender
  • Rounded Wigets Labs
  • Wiggle

Security and Personalization

  • CreaTouch: Allows you to customize your X10 desktop. Exclusive Sony Ericsson Phones
  • BioWallet: Biometric Authentication, using the iris of the eye taken from a photograph as a password. It’s also an administrator password, digital signature and encryption of documents. It’s very useful if you don’t have a good memory to remember passwords.
  • Ahome / Studio Level Up / CuteWit: full visual customization, you can install themes and widgets with new icons, wallpapers, new tabs, menus, fonts, widgets, docks and more for your Xperia X10
  • Anycut: Create a shortcut to any function of your Xperia X10
  • ZEDGE Android: The entire contents of, millions of images, ringtones, themes and videos free of charge.  is one of my favorite, I recommend a lot. U try 🙂 🙂
  • FlyScreen: Allows you to customize the home screen widgets blocked
  • WaveSecure (3 Android Developer Challenge since 2009) allows you to back up all data and remotely destroy all confidential information if lost or stolen the phone
  • MyBackup Pro: Creates backup applications, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, SMS and MMS, mobile configuration, alarms, a secure online server or SD card, and periodically and automatically. Sony Ericsson also has its own site to create backups of your Xperia X10 and it’s free, you just need to register.
  • Pintail / MobileDefense: Find your Xperia X10 misplaced or lost. Sending an SMS with your PIN,will receive an SMS with geo-location data and a Google map.
  • Moov: Search. Just type a letter showing all files, images, music, videos, contacts, applications and games that begin with that letter. on Froyo is not necessary.
  • Atrackdog: Manage the status of the applications installed on your Xperia X10 and notifies you if new updates, besides giving you an account of the most popular applications of the Android Market. On Froyo is not necessary.
  • Phonealyzr: Statistics of your Xperia X10 
  • Sweetdreams (1 post Android Developer Challenge 2009): allows you to configure your Xperia X10 as you want, the options are endless. An example is that the level of volume / brightness / hue / background will change depending on the time, mood, GPS position or activity that is carrying the user.


  • Keyboard Better ($$$)
  • ThickButtons
  • Swype
  • Swiftkey
  • htc IME
  • Keyboard TouchPal
  • Keyboard by Scandinavian Trygve Aaberge
  • Keyboard Slide     


Instant messaging applications with support for multiple networks such as Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. With a WiFi connection you can make free VoIP calls to Skype, Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger for Xperia X10    

  • Meebo IM
  • Nimbuzz is one of my favorite APP as it supports Facebook chat on Xperia X10.  highly recommend.  🙂 🙂 🙂
  • iSkoot For Skype


  • Nesoid (Nintendo NES Emulator) works at 90fps at full screen with audio support allowing you to save at any time.
  • Kidd GBC (Game Boy Emulator) works at 10fps and has no audio support.
  • PAC-MAN Namco original
  • Chess for Android,
  • Labyrinth Lite similar to the Satio
  • JOYity and YouCath
  • Deadmatch CommBattle

MUSIC & Radio-FM

For those who can’t live without music    

  • TuneWiki: Find the lyrics of the songs and the sample while the song plays, radio online, with provision for manual sync and karaoke mode.
  • Ringdroid: Editor of WAV and MP3 music files to create  ringtones and alarms. Very useful if you want a part of a song as ringtone.
  • Shazam: As Sony Ericsson’s TrackID identifier song, artist, title, album, year etc..
  • DroidLive / Last FM: thousands of radio stations online (live streaming). M3u formats supported, pls, mp3, mp4, mp4a and mpeg.
  • Spotify / Grooveshark ($$$) / Rhapsody: millions of songs online (live streaming) unlimited access to your entire music and even offline mode 
  •  Pandora / Imeem: Create a playlist of songs and artists that you listen to on-line.
  • RealPlayer (Beta) / Bubble Beat / Audio Manager
  • Talk To Me: translator with support for voice and text very useful if you like traveling or are learning a language. It supports Spanish, French, Italian, German and English.


Office applications, GPS and Internet


  •  ($$$) Documents To Go allows you to open and view Word files, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. It also supports Office 2007 formats, password-protected files and is compatible with GMail. U need to buy the full version to edit and save office files. 


  •  Scan2PDF Mobile: Turn any image taken with the camera to PDF format. Very useful in the office.  

  • WikiMobile: Wikipedia on your Xperia X10
  •  The Weather Channel
  •  AndNav: Free GPS
  •  Locale: Through the GPS all your friends will know you are doing.
  • Wertago / Sherpa: Similar to Sony Ericsson NEAR ME, based on GPS allows you to find routes, bars, cinemas, theaters, restaurants.
  • WpToGo: WordPress in your Xperia X10, create, edit and delete entries, supports text, images and tags, pre-displays posts and manages accounts for your Blog.
  • Aldiko / WordPlay: Virtual Book Reader
  •  AndFTP: Allows connections to TFP accounts for backup and dump files, photos, videos, music and more. Anywhere and to any server. 
  • BeebPlayer: All content of BBC iPlayer on your Xperia X10. Although there is no official App for Android BBC iPlayer. 
  • AndroTV
  • Android RSS / News reader OI


  • Skyfire (supports HTLM5 and flash)
  • Opera Mini,
  • XScope,
  • Dolphin


To those of us who love photography and video, you’ve to try them all    

  • Photoshop Android
  • Photo Effects
  • Snap Photo Pro
  • PicSAY
  • Photo Fun Comeks Blogger
  • Colorpop
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